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From cleaning before hydrostatic testing operations to pipeline conversion projects, Milbar has the expertise, resources and knowledge to complete any pipeline-cleaning project. Using cutting edge chemical and mechanical technology, as well as, historically proven techniques, Milbar employs innovative solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of each cleaning project.

Typical Cleaning Materials:

  • Caustic Soap

  • Diesel Trains

  • Product Additives

  • Polymer Gel

  • Pigs of Varying Types and Designs

In order to adjust to the changing needs of the pipeline-cleaning market Milbar's engineers are constantly researching more efficient and cost effective cleaning practices and how they might be applied at the industrial level. As a pipeline services company we maintain an extensive inventory of temporary pig launchers and receivers that may be custom configured for each application.

Typical cleaning projects:

  • Pipeline Conversion from a raw material to a products or gas line or for the removal of obsolete internal pipe coatings.

  • Pre/Re-Test prior to testing operations insuring that discharge water will meet or exceed EPA requirements.

  • Pipeline Rehabilitation involving the removal of scale, paraffin, debris and or other unwanted build-up yielding increased internal diameter and thus higher flow-rates and operating capacities.

Milbar will work closely with each client/contractor to determine the most effective method of cleaning necessary to accomplish the desired goals, while also considering the costs associated with materials acquisition and waste disposal. Thus using both engineering and economics the proper balance between each aspect of the cleaning process may be achieved in order to yield the greatest overall benefit.

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