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Milbar Hydro-Test has the reputation for providing the pipeline industry with unsurpassed engineering standards and performance. Our engineering staff is recognized for furnishing its customers with anything from intricate test plans to verification of the most insignificant questions. Regardless, Milbar is always ready to provide answers or suggestions concerning your pipeline services needs.


  • Test Plans

  • Test Sectioning

  • Testing Procedure

  • Budget Estimation

  • Testing Operations Management


  • Cleaning Plans

  • Conversion Programs

  • Rehabilitation Procedures

  • Chemical Analysis Contracting

  • Cleaning Operations Management

Documentation and Consulting:

  • Daily Operations

  • Existing Documentation Review

  • Certified Hydrostatic Test Reports

  • Pipeline Service Results Verification

  • Specification Development and Review

  • Equipment and Expendable Material Acquisition

  • Documentation Development / Technical Writing

Milbar's goal is to provide each customer with the highest level of satisfaction possible by providing the best service, in the least amount of time at lowest possible cost. For this reason, Milbar has diversified its engineering staff to encompass all aspects of the scientific, engineering and pipeline community. Milbar's engineering expertise is derived from the educational realms of Mathematics, Construction Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Physics and Higher Level Environmental Science and Chemistry. Using these varied backgrounds and levels of expertise enables the imagination of our engineering staff to develop new, more effective and profitable services for the pipeline industry.

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