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Although Milbar is a forerunner in the pipeline services industry, its mainstay and bulk of technical experience remains in pipeline hydrostatic testing. Milbar's superintendents have tested over 1,000,000 miles of cross-country pipeline and average over 25 years of testing experience. The responsibilities of each superintendent include the supervision of field operations during each testing project. Each superintendent is accompanied by an appropriate group of test technicians and a test engineer. Often times a project engineer will also accompany the testing crew when extensive planning prior to each test is required. This knowledge and experience brings several important aspects to your project, including rapid completion and practical cost, yielding overall satisfaction for the client and/or contractor.

Milbar maintains an extensive inventory of high-pressure positive displacement pumps and has the experience to operate them efficiently. Depending on the length and diameter of the pipe being testing the appropriate pump size will be dispatched to ensure the pipeline is "put on test" with the highest level of accuracy and precaution. Milbar will also provide, if necessary, the proper test headers including all risers, valves and blinds. In addition, Milbar provides the client with all the materials necessary for testing operations, from a wide array of valve sizes and types to all types of high-pressure fittings and hoses. As a testing company, we also furnish certified deadweights and temperature and pressure recorders. Realizing that testing operations can be somewhat prolonged events, Milbar furnishes each testing crew with an analytical test trailer complete with external electric power and heating and air conditioning facilities. After each test is complete, Milbar will provide the client/contractor with a test report including all documentation necessary to meet DOT and/or company specifications.

From an engineering standpoint, Milbar Hydro-Test is capable of catering to the needs of any project requiring pipeline services. The expertise of our engineering staff ranges from preparing a pipeline spread for testing operations to updating or redrafting company specifications. The engineers at Milbar can provide detailed information concerning test pressures, test section breakdown, water allocation and fill and dewater permitting. With prudent planning and readiness, Milbar can ensure that your pipeline meets or exceeds DOT specifications and is tested on time and within budget.

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