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The process of pipeline filling is often one of the most time consuming aspects of testing operations. Therefore, Milbar maintains an extensive inventory of fill equipment ready for assembly such that filling operations may be completed in the most timely fashion.

Available Fill Equipment:

  • Fill Line

  • Desanders

  • Flow Meters

  • High Volume Filters

  • Low Head Pumps

  • High Head Pumps

Milbar's high capacity fill equipment allows for filling operations to move along smoothly even while operating under high head conditions in rough terrain. In addition our large inventory of fill pipe allow otherwise inaccessible water sources to be utilized during filling and testing operations.

Why Use Milbar?

  • High Volume Fill Equipment

  • Skid Mounting Allows Mobilization to Extremely Remote Locations

  • Large Inventory of Fill Line Allows Access to Otherwise Inaccessible Water Sources

  • Limit the Effects on the Environment and the Pipeline by Using Fill Baskets, Desanders and Filters

  • Maintain Pumps Capable of Working Against High Head Pressures or for Packing Out the Pipeline Prior to Test.

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